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Digital One Dental supports you by eliminating unnecessary steps out of your daily workflow – reimagining possibilities, choice, and simplicity.

Custom Abutments

Straumann Abutments
Genuine custom Straumann® Abutments, milled in-house, through local collaboration. Reduced turnaround time, high quality, yet cost effective. Read More

Digital Design + Milling Services

Using the latest CAD/CAM technology, we offer full scan, design, printing and milling services, from start to finish.  With a full range of software options, 3D printers, and milling machines (wet and dry,)
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Materials and Process

ArgenZ ™ Zirconia – Full line including multilayered high translucent discs
IPS e.max® (Pressed)
Wax by Harvest (Milled)
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3D Printing Services

Planning and Treatment Planning
(Orthodontic applications included)
Mouth Guards

Using Best in Class Technology

Roland® 5-axis milling machines
Straumann® CARES® M Series

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Other Services

Implant Surgical Planning and Guide Fabrication


Digital One Dental stays ahead of the curve, by identifying and embracing future industry trends — today. In turn, we can help you to develop long term, effective growth strategies, tailoring solutions specific to your vision.  How do you see your business evolving?